watching star trek together was always something she did with her father. early mornings and late nights, there were re-runs, and when there weren't any re-runs to go around, fox usually could find vhs tapes, which involved into dvds. she'd only strayed away from the offerings of star trek when she'd been banned from being online. meandering down to the star wars stuff had been easier than picking up a book or going outside.

it wasn't her cup of tea; more bangs than philosophy and more action over quiet moments hadn't been her things. still, she'd eventually queued up like most people with both had been revived, and despite the snark, had preferred the newer star wars over the 2009 offerings of star trek. making her way back to trek with the new series had been fun--a source of late night calls, entrances into group chats, memes sent to friends.

which is to say that when she'd woken up to the sound of several punctuated beeps, fox had simply assumed that she'd fallen asleep watching something and a network was running star wars again. it wouldn't have been the first time she'd dozed off with the television on to fill the silence, or the last time she'd startled awake due to something louder than usual on television. so, her fingers fumbled out from under her stomach, without pulling the covers off of her head, and groped for a remote to try and turn it off.

try was the operative word.

what her fingers slams into, making her freeze with fear, was something cold. something very solid and round that should not have been in her room.

it felt like ice had been dumped unceremoniously in her veins. absolute terror gripped her--

and then there was another beep. a whirr and-- the cold, round thing bumped against her fingers.

it happened again, with another beep that fox found her brain was interpreting as... insistent? almost plaintive, like a dog trying to make you pay attention to them performing a new trick. there was another insistent set of beeps, and this time the whirr was accompanied by an insistent bump against her bed.

cautiously, fox pulled her hand back and up, pulling the covers off of her head. and the sight that greeted her was a whole lot less shocking, for a moment than what she had considered before. in front of her was the android from one of the new star wars movies--BB-8. probably one of the biggest highlights for her had been this droid in the movies.

a replica was sitting in front of her, rocking gently back and forth. the red light from his-- her-- it's primary "face" was focused on her.

"er," fox still was completely awake from the burst of adrenaline earlier, yet still felt like maybe she was dreaming. "...hi?"

BB-8 chirped in response.

fox sits up fully now, eyes laser focused on the droid before her. she resists the urge to rub her eyes--that was so childish. instead, fox reachs out again to touch the smooth exterior of the droid's top. BB-8 lets out a sound that could be interpreted as confused the further down the rounded sides she went. there was a clear difference in parts of the droid--the orange and white part comparable to plastic--but not quite.

feeling much more curious before, fox balls up her hand into a fist--and knocks the exterior of the droid.

BB-8 makes a very affronted sound. fox laughed in response, "sorry! sorry, i just needed to know!"

BB-8 makes another beep that sounds much more welcoming than before. and yet, as fox's mind starts to wrap around the reality of the situation, she can't help but wonder how the hell the droid got here. something told her that asking BB-8 wouldn't yield her an actual response. it's something that fox will have to investigate herself--after some breakfast and a few texts to someone she trusted.