being able to adapt to just about anything worked in felicia's favor even if she knew by now that she didn't have her luck on her side at the moment. it hurt her pride a little bit to know that she had to try and try over again to break into the cellphone of a twenty something woman like a boyfriend attempting to catch his girlfriend cheating on someone else.

still, she keeps at it diligently, still feeling sore after the strange week she'd been having, waking up in someone else's body, in another city and state.

felicia hasn't been a stranger to magic whether it was being directly affected by it, stealing from stephen strange himself, or having more than one strange run in with one peter parker.

it just figured after she had finally been able to recover her memories that peter had erased from her mind, she ended up in another strange situation. there wasn't anything besides attempting to break into a cellphone to keep her mind from it, either. having her mind tampered with after such a long streak of bad luck, having to pick up the pieces and sort through the aftermath being interrupted so abruptly was...


felicia didn't think of herself as a victim, and she hated to consider herself to be weak or fragile. admitting to being felicia hardy, the person, and not black cat, the loner robber and failed queen pin was easier than looking at herself in any manner. compartmentalizing her emotions was easier like that, to deal with on her own later, or to take out the aggression on some idiot lackey who stood in her way.

not like this, having all her memories and thoughts swirling around, prodding at her: reminders of the failure of the queenpin venture, the memories that were still constructing themselves in her head, the sense of loss and reward pushing and pulling in every direction. it's hard not to go back into that loop, and get sucked down into it.

what matter most now, was survival and understanding of her situation, like her father had drilled into her.

she tries to force herself to focus on the task at hand again: punching in number after number, trying to guess at anything that was in fox's room. the computer tucked into one corner, the keyboard that was color coded and looked rather high tech; the star trek figurines placed around the room; the books ranging from the subject on the italian mafia to basic books on calligraphy.

felicia stands up, piecing through them. the woman--fox--is in her head. she can feel her there, restless and confused. felicia doesn't pull at her; that isn't her area of expertise, and the fear that this is all just an elaborate incident, and she'd wake back up in new york in her own bed. (well. she hopes.)

she crouches down as the phone rejects the password again. runs her finger across the keyboard, tilts it up and reads: U. S. S. ENTERPRISE. NCC-1701-D.

she tries her luck. 1701.

The phone unlocks for her, showing a picture of the body she was occupying, eating a bowl of ramen noodles, sloppily. Felicia pulls a face, and feels a small burst of victory.

At least one thing could go right for her.

She opens up the email app, and begins to scroll down for a hint of any kind of her situation. And it only takes three emails for her to find it, the email about the shift.

Felicia narrows her eyes, sits down, and begins to read--to prepare for the future.